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"Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.” ― Paul Cookson

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What exactly does Website mean?

The web, or “world wide web” was born 31 years old on December 20th 1990, and since then it has grown to become a necessity for businesses today. Considering the amount of time people spend on the internet today, businesses too have moved online. Having a website for business owners of any size and a presence on social media has become crucial.

What effect does having a website have on your business?

If you are into a business and do not own a website, you might be losing a lot of potential customers online. Knowing the importance of a website is key to grow your business many folds. A successful website does three things: It attracts the right kinds of visitors, Guides them to the main services or product you offer, and Collects Contact details for future ongoing relation. Let us take you into a deeper experience and help build your tribe. We don't just sell websites, we create websites that SELL.


Why you need a Website?

Your customers need it

Where else would they get on demand information about you? Over 50% of the customers expect any brand or business to have an online presence where they can access their services. One of the most captivating aspects of a website is how easy it makes information accessible to customers.

It shows you are a professional

I know personally if I am dealing with a supplier I am looking to purchase from and they don't even have a website I pretty much write them off as an option and my view of that company is diminished. I am sure you are one of the 80% of people who feel that way too. It gives the impression that it is a company that is poorly managed and not in tune with trends.

Controls the narrative.

Your website influences your brand perception by allowing you write your own story on the website. A website is a far more efficient way than print ads or word of mouth when it comes to helping brands spread their message, vision, and mission. While it is difficult to control what people say about you, you can influence your brand perception by writing your own story on the website.

Improves your Return on investment

A search engine optimized website lets you be in front of thousands of more potential consumers without spending much. It allows you track visitors and puts your business in front of them from the comfort of your home and theirs. This helps you reach a greater target audience to promote your services or products to. Also the content on the website influences consumers buying decisions and commercial transactions, no matter which industry you are in.

Displays your business worldwide.

Websites can become your online store, office, or showroom at a very minimal cost. A physical store will have visibility within a particular radius of its location, depending on its type. However, when it comes to a business with an online presence, the visibility or the reach has no bound. Users from any part of the world can access the website.

Shows your capabilities

Do not limit your website for just selling products or services. Create a portfolio that shows how well you are doing in the business. Let us say you provide aesthetic services. You can create a video portfolio of the effects of your services. You can carry out polls and surveys using forms on your website. Such items help build the trust of people into your business.


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